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2024 Service Videos & Audio Messages

* 6-16-24-PM (VIDEO) Audio 6-16-24 PM

* 6-16-24-AM (VIDEO) Audio 6_16-24-AM

* 6-12-24-PM (VIDEO) Questions Angels May Ask Audio 6-16-24-SS

* 6-9-24-PM (VIDEO) We Shall Know Them By Their Fruits Matt. 7:16-20 Audio 6-9-24-PM

* 6-9-24-AM (VIDEO) Is Your Heart Burning Within? Luke 24: 32 Audio 6-9-24-AM

* 6-9-24-SS (VIDEO) The Plan Of Jehovah Jonah and Matt Audio 6-9-24 SS

* 6-5-24-PM (VIDEO) When Smart People Make Foolish Decisions 1 Samuel 27:1-12 Audio 6-5-24-PM

* 6-2-24-PM (VIDEO) The Church In One Accord  Acts 1: 14-16 Audio 6-2-24-PM

* 6-2-24-AM (VIDEO) The Emmaus Road (3) Luke 24:28-31 Audio 6-2-24-AM
* 6-2-24-SS (VIDEO) A Chastisement Revival Jonah 1:11-16 Audio 6-2-24-SS
* 5-29-24-PM (VIDEO) Choosing the Wrong Fork 1 Samuel 27:1-12 Audio 5-29-24-SS

* 5-26-4-PM (VIDEO) What Makes a Church Great! Acts 2:37-47 Audio 5-26-24-PM

* 5-26-24-AM (VIDEO) The Advice of Joshua Memorial Day 2024 Joshua 24:15 Audio 5-26-24-AM

* 5-26-24-SS (VIDEO) When Man Tries to Resolve his Own Problems Jonah 1:4-10 Audio 5-26-24-SS

* 5-22-24-PM (VIDEO) Spiritual Decisions Under Pressure Daniel 1-3, 6 Audio 5-22-24-PM

* 5-19-24-PM (VIDEO) The Proper Ingredients of a N.T. Church (2) Acts 11:19-30; 13:1-5 Audio 5-19-24-PM

* 5-19-24-AM (VIDEO) The Emmaus Road(2) Luke 24:15-27 Audio 5-19-24-AM

* 5-19-24-SS (VIDEO) A Countering Rebuke Luke 17:3; Jonah 1 Audio 5-19-24-SS

* 5-15-24-PM (VIDEO) Overkill (3) 1 Samuel 25:20-39 Audio 5-15-24-PM

* 5-12-24-AM (VIDEO) A Godly Example of Motherhood 1 Samuel 1:1-28 Audio 5-12-24-AM

* 5-12-24-SS (VIDEO) A Countering Rebuke Jonah 1 and Luke 17:3 Audio 5-12-AM SS

* 5-8-24-PM (VIDEO) Overkill (2) 1 Samuel 25:1-20 Audio 5-8-24-PM

* 5-5-24-PM (VIDEO) Study In The Book of Acts Acts Audio 5-5-24-PM

* 5-5-24-AM (VIDEO) The Emmaus Road (1) Luke 24:13-16 Audio 5-5-24 AM

* 5-5-24 SS (VIDEO) The Common Rebellion Jonah 1 Audio 5-5-24-SS

* 5-1-24-PM (VIDEO) Aspect of Leadership - Targeting Your Anger 1 Samuel 25 Audio 5-1-24-PM

* 4-28-24-PM (VIDEO)  What Makes a Church Great? Part 5b Acts 2:37-47 Audio 4-28-24-PM

* 4-28-24-AM (VIDEO What a Surprise! Audio Luke 24:8-12  Audio 4-28-24-AM     

* 4-28-24-SS (VIDEO) A Common Rebellion Jonah 1: 1-3 Audio 4-28-24-SS

* 4-24-24-PM (VIDEO) Hannah Bennett Missionary & David Smith Middle East Update 

4-21-24-PM (VIDEO) Freedom In Christ John 8: 32, 36  Audio 4-21-24-PM 

* 4-21-24-AM (VIDEO) The God Of The Mountain Job 1  Audio 4-21-24-AM

* 4-21-24-SS (VIDEO) A Call For Action Jonah 1:2-4 Audio 4-21-24-SS

* 4-17-24-PM (VIDEO) Remember Now Thy Creator in the Days of Our Youth Ecclesiastes 12: 1-7 Audio 4-17-24 PM

* 4-14-24-PM (VIDEO) When the Enemy Quotes Scripture 2 Tim. 2:15 Audio 4-14-24-PM

* 4-14-24-AM (VIDEO) The Gift of Life Luke 2:10-11 Audio 4-14-24-AM

* 4-14-24-SS (VIDEO) A Call Revealed Jonah 1:1-3 Audio 4-14-24-SS

* 4-10-24-PM (VIDEO) The Temptation of Vengeance of Revenge 1 Samuel 23: 241-7 Audio 4-10-24 PM

* 4-7-24-PM (VIDEO) What Makes a Church Great? Part 5 Acts 2:37-47 Audio 4-7-24-PM

* 4-7-24-AM (VIDEO) A Needful Reminder Luke 24: 6b-8 Audio 4-7-24-AM

* 4-7-24-SS (VIDEO) A Call Revealed To Others Jonah 1 :1-2 Audio 4-7-24-SS

* 4-3-24-PM (VIDEO) Missionaries To Japan - Stuart & Michelle Jellison Audio 4-3-24-PM

* 3-31-24-PM  (VIDEO) Singspiration Service - What Makes a Church Great Acts 2:37-47  Audio 3-31-24-PM

* 3-31-24-AM (VIDEO) The Wonder of it All Luke 24:1–12  Audio 3-31-24-AM

* 3-31-24 SS (VIDEO)  We All Have To Make Decisions Jonah Audio 3-31-24-SS

* 3-27-24-PM (VIDEO) Joe Prudentino Missionary Pastor to the Philippines & South East Asia Luke 16:19 Audio 3-27-24 PM

* 3-24-24-PM (VIDEO) Communion Service 1 Corinthians 11  Audio 3-24-24 PM

* 3-24-24-AM (VIDEO) The Tomb of Jesus Luke 23: 50-56 Audio 3-24-24-AM

* 3-24-24-SS (VIDEO) Did Jonah Hear and Also Listen?- Overview Jonah 1 Audio 3-24-24-SS

* 3-20-24-PM (VIDEO) The Temptation of Vengeance or Revenge 1 Samuel 23: 24:1-7 Audio 20-24-PM

* 3-17-24-PM (VIDEO) What Makes a Church Great? Part 3 Acts4:32-35 Audio 3-17-24-PM

* 3-17-24-SS (VIDEO) Jonah - Overview: Obedience = God has a plan for every person Audio 3-17-24-SS

* 3-17-24-AM (VIDEO) The Crucifixion of Jesus Luke 23:26-49 Audio 3-17-24-AM

* 3-13-24-PM (VIDEO) A Dark Cave (2) 1 Samuel 22:1-10 Audio 10-13-24-PM

* 3-10-24-PM (VIDEO)  What Makes a Church Great? Part 2 Acts 2:41----; Deut. 6:4-5; Matt. 15:8-9 Audio 3-10-24-PM

* 3-10-24-AM (VIDEO)  The Accusation and Kangaroo Courts of Jesus Luke 22: 63-71; 23: 1-25 Audio 3-10-24-AM

* 3-10-24-SS (VIDEO)   Learning to be content Phil 4:15-17 Audio 3-10-24-SS

* 3-6-24-PM (VIDEO) A Dark Cave (1) 1 Samuel 22:1-10 Audio 3-6-23-PM

* 3-3-24-PM (VIDEO) What Makes Church Great? Part 1 Acts 2_37-49 Audio 3-3-24-PM

* 3-3-24-AM (VIDEO) The Betrayal, Arrest, and Denial of Jesus Luke 22:47-62 Audio 3-3-24-AM

* 3-3-24-SS (VIDEO) Put God’s Word into Practice; Learning Contentment Phil 4:9 Audio 3-3-24-SS

* 2-28-24-PM (VIDEO) Crutches We Lean on Instead of God (5) 1 Samuel 19:8-21 Audio 2-28-24-PM

* 2-25-24-PM (VIDEO) Upon this ROCK, I will BUILD My Church (3) Audio 2-25-24-PM

* 2-25-24-AM (VIDEO) The Plea in Gethsemane Luke 22:39-46 Audio 2-25-24-AM

* 2-25-24-SS (VIDEO) Living With Your Circumstances Phil 4:6-9 Audio 2-25-24-SS

* 2-21-24-PM (VIDEO) David (4) 1 Samuel 19:8-21 Audio 2-21-24-PM

* 2-18-24-PM (VIDEO) Work and Wonderful - cont. Audio 2-18-24-PM

* 2-18-24-AM (VIDEO) Work and Wonderful Various Scriptures Audio 2-18-24-AM

* 2-18-24-SS (VIDEO) Doctrinal Teaching Study in the book of Romans Romans 1  Audio 2-18-24-SS

* 2-24-24-PM (VIDEO) Consequences and Relationships 1 Samuel 18:23 Audio 2-14-24-PM

* 2-11-24-PM (VIDEO) The Local Church - Continuing Study Matt. 16:13-20 Audio 2-11-24-PM

* 2-11-24-AM (VIDEO) The Gathering for the Passover (3) Luke 22:7-38 Audio 2-11-24-AM

* 2-11-24 SS (VIDEO) The Lord Is At Hand - Beware Of an Unexpectant Spirit Phil 4:5 Audio 2-11-24 SS

* 2-7-24-PM (VIDEO) The Giants Approach 1 Samuel 16:6-25 Audio 2-7-24-PM

* 2-4-24-PM (VIDEO) Steve and Pam Thornton Missionaries to Argentina Audio 2-4-24-PM

* 2-4-24-AM (VIDEO) The Gathering for the Passover (2) The Betrayal, The Display of Pride  Luke 22:21-30 Audio 2-4-24 AM

* 2-4-24-SS (VIDEO) Beware of an Unforgiving Sprit Phil 4:5 Audio 2-4-24-SS

* 1-31-24-PM (VIDEO) David (1b) Samuel 13: 13-14 Audio 1-31-24-PM

* 1-28-24-PM (VIDEO) Upon this ROCK, I will BUILD My Church Audio 1-28-24-PM

* 1-28-24-AM (VIDEO) The Gathering for the Passover (1) Luke 22:7-38 Audio 1-28-24 PM

* 1-28-24-SS (VIDEO) Rejoice in the Lord - An Unhappy Spirit Phil. 4:4 Audio 1-28-24-SS

* 1-24-24-PM (VIDEO) David (1a) 1 Samuel 13:13-14 Audio 1-24-24 PM

1-21-24-PM (VIDEO) Higher Call Gospel Quartet Audio 12-24-PM

1-21-24-AM (VIDEO) Killing Jesus (The Conspiracy) Luke 22:1-6 Audio 1-21-24-AM

1-21-24-SS (VIDEO) An Unappreciative Spirit Various Scriptures Audio 1-21-24 SS

* 1-17-24-PM (VIDEO) Stress Can Lead To Burnout 2 Sam. 23; 1 Sam 22 Audio 1-17-24-PM

* 1-14-24-PM (VIDEO)  Are You Ready or Overcharged? Audio 1-14-24-PM

* 1-14-24-AM (VIDEO) How's Your Connection? (2) Mark 9:14-29 Audio 1-14-24-AM

* 1-14-24-SS (VIDEO) Loving Your C0-Laborer Phil. 4:2 Audio 1-14-24-SS

* 1-10-24-PM (VIDEO) Condemnation - Our Failure to Honor God Malachi 2:2-3 Audio 1-10-24-PM

* 1-7-24-PM (VIDEO) Lessons from a Blind Man Luke 18:38 Audio 1-7-24-PM 

* 1-7-24-AM (VIDEO) How's Your Connection? Mark 9:14-29 Audio 1-7-24 AM 

* 1-7-24-SS (VIDEO) Loving Your Co-Laborer Phil. 4 Audio 1-7-24-SS 

* 1-3-24-(VIDEO) Being Transparent in 2024 1 Thess. 3 and Timothy Audio 1-3-24 PM


2023 Service Videos & Audio Messages 

12-31-23-AM (VIDEO) Living It Up In The New Year 1 Cor. 4:2 Audio 12-31 23 AM

12-31-23-SS (VIDEO) Rejoice In The Lord Always Phil 2: 18 Audio 12-31-23-SS

12-27-23-PM (VIDEO) Where Is My Honor? Malachi 1:6-14 Audio 12-27-23-PM

12-24-23-AM (VIDEO) A Christmas Message (3) Luke 2:1-20 Audio 12-24-23-AM

12-20-23-PM (VIDEO) Vessel of Honor (2)  II Timothy 2:  14  Audio 12-20-23-PM

12-17-23-PM (VIDEO) A Faithful Man Numerous Scriptures Audio 12-17-23-PM

12-17-23-AM (VIDEO) A Christmas Message (2) Luke 2:1-20 Audio 12-17-23-AM

12-17-23-SS (VIDEO) Sin in the Bible is the Opposite of Joy Phil 2 Audio 12-17-23-SS

12-13-23-PM (VIDEO) A Vessel of Honor 2 Timothy 2:14-21 Audio 12-13-23-PM

12-10-23-PM (VIDEO) Christmas Cantata The Hope Of Christmas Audio 12-10-23-PM

12-10-23-AM (VIDEO) A Christmas Message Luke 2: 1-14 Audio 12-10-23-AM

12-10-23-SS (VIDEO) Joy In Serving Phil. 2 Audio 12-23-AM-SS

12-6-23-PM (VIDEO) The Life of Honor Separation Not Isolation Gen. 14: 17-23 Audio 12-6-23 PM

12-3-23-PM (VIDEO) I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas Matt. 1:21 Audio 12-3-23-PM

12-3-23-AM (VIDEO) The Man Who Raised Jesus Matt. 1:18-25 (Scripture and Message - Audio 12-3-23-AM) (FULL Service Audio)

12-3-23-SS (VIDEO) There Is JOY in Serving Jesus Phil 2 Audio 12-23-23-SS

11-29-23-PM (VIDEO) The Life of Honor Gen. 14:17-23 Audio 11-29-23-PM

11-26-23-PM (VIDEO) The Place of Honor (3) Proverbs 18: 12 Audio 11-26-23-PM

11-26-23-AM (VIDEO) Doubting Thomas John 20:19-31 Audio 11-26-2-3-AM

11-26-23-SS (VIDEO) The Power Of The Bible Phil. 2: 16; Psalm 11:16 Audio 11-26-23-SS

11-19-23-PM (VIDEO) Carl Engstrom Ministry in Word and Song Audio 11-19-23-PM

11-19-23-AM (VIDEO) Things I Am Thankful For Psalm 92: 1 Audio 11-19-23-AM

11-19-23-SS (VIDEO) Be A Blessing To Others Enoch Audio 11-19-23-SS
11-15-23-PM (VIDEO) Being Thankful Col. 1:3-17 Audio 11-15-23-PM
11-12-23-PM (VIDEO) A Place of Honor (2) Proverbs 18: 1-4 Audio 11-12-23-PM
11-12-23-AM (VIDEO) A Soldier of the Cross 2 Timothy 2: 1-4 Audio 11-12-23-AM
11-12-23-ss (VIDEO) Always Rejoicing - A Planned Will Phil, 2: 13 Audio 11-12-23-SS
11-8-23-PM (VIDEO) You Must Be Born Again Romans 3: 23 Audio 11-8-23-PM
11-5-23-PM (VIDEO) The Place of Honor Proverbs 18: 12  Audio 11-5-23-PM
11-5-23 AM (VIDEO) You Can Be Freed Or Imprisoned By Your Past Gen. 41:46 Audio 11-5-23-AM
11-5-23-SS (VIDEO) Perpetual Walk With The Lord  Phil 2: 12  Audio 11-5-23-SS
11-1-23-PM (VIDEO) Forever Following! Psalm 23: 1-6 Audio 11-1-23-PM
10-29-23-AM (VIDEO) Facing Adversity 1 Peter 5: 8-11 Audio 10-29-23-AM

10-22-23-PM (VIDEO) Honoring God in The Tough Times (2)  Audio 10-22-23 PM

10-22-23-AM (VIDEO) Why Worry When God is in Control Phil. 4: 4-9 Audio 10-22-23-AM
10-22-23-SS (VIDEO) Humble Tribute Phil 2 Audio 10-22-23-SS

10-18-23-PM (VIDEO) The Prepared Table! Psalm 23: 1-6 Audio 10-18-23 PM
10-15-23-PM (VIDEO) Honoring God In The Tough Times 2 Cor. 4: 6-11 Audio 10-15-23-PM
10-15-23-AM (VIDEO) Why Worry When God is in Control!! Audio 10-15-23 AM
10-15-23 SS (VIDEO) Loving Sacrifice Phil. 4: 4-8 Audio 10-15-23 SS
10-11-23-pm (VIDEO) The Anointed Head! Psalm 23 : 5 Audio 10-11-23-PM
10-8-23-PM (VIDEO)  Honoring Our Father  1 Chron. 29: 10-13  Audio 10-8-23-PM
10-8-23-AM (VIDEO) How Will You Die? Hebrews 9: 27 Audio 10-8-23-AM
10-4-23-PM (VIDEO) Freedom in Christ  Various Scriptures Audio 10-4-23-PM
10-1-23-PM (VIDEO) The Humble VS. The Haughty Spirit Proverbs 16: 18 Audio 10-1-23- PM

10-1-23-AM (VIDEO) Faith To Faith Hebrews 11: 1-6 & Various Scriptures Audio 10-1-23- AM
10-1-23-SS (VIDEO) Study to Show Thy Self Approved Unto God 2 Timothy 2: 15 Audio 10-1-23-SS

9-27-23-PM (VIDEO) Take Us Back to When The Church Began - Acts  Audio 9-27-23-PM
9-24-23-PM (VIDEO) Honoring the Father 1 Chron. 29 Audio 9-24-23-PM
9-24-23-AM (VIDEO) Overcoming the Power of Sin (2) Rom. 6:1-13 Audio 9-24-23-AM
9-24-23-SS (VIDEO) Servants Must Have The Mind of the Savior Phil. 2 Audio 9-24-23-SS
9-20-23-PM (VIDEO NA) When David Changed His Behavior Psalm 34 & 1 Sam. Audio 9-20-23-PM
9-17-23-PM (VIDEO) Honoring Our Father 1 Chronicles 29: 10-13 Audio 9-17-23-PM

9-17-23-AM (VIDEO) Overcoming the Power of Sin  Romans 6:1-13 Audio 9-17-23-AM

9-17-23-SS (VIDEO) A New Nature Expressed Phil. 2 Audio 9-17-23 SS

9-13-23-PM (VIDEO) The Importance of Intercessory Prayer Romans 15: 30 Audio 9-13-23-PM
9-10-23-PM (VIDEO) When God's Word is Not Weightless Isaiah 55: 7-13 Audio 9-10-23-PM
9-10-23-AM (VIDEO) Overcoming a Progressive World 1 Corinthians 15: 51-58 Audio 9-10-23-AM
9-10-23-SS (VIDEO) A New Nature Expressed Phil. 2: 2-4 Audio 9-10-23-SS
9-6-23-PM (VIDEO) Cast Your Care Upon Him (Guest Speaker: Pastor Michael Hull) Psalm 55: 22 Audio 9-6-23-PM
9-3-23-PM (VIDEO) Is God's Word Weightless In Your Life? Isiah 55: 7-20 Audio 9-3-23-PM
9-3-23-AM (VIDEO) Unforgiveness Causes Family Turbulence Luke 15 25 Audio 9-3-23-AM
9-3-23-SS (VIDEO Putting Others First Phil 2 Audio 9-3-23-SS
8-30-23-PM (VIDEO) The Shepherd's Staff - Shepherd's Comforting Kit Psalm 23 Audio 8-30-23-PM
8-27-23-PM (VIDEO) When God's Word is Weightless Genesis 2: 16-17 Audio 8-27-23-PM
8-27-23-SS (VIDEO) Heaven Various scriptures Audio 8-27-23 SS
8-27-23-AM (VIDEO) Unresolved Family Turbulence Luke 15: 25-32 Audio 8-27-23-AM
8-23-23-PM (VIDEO) The Shepherd's Comforting Rod! Psalm 23: 4  Audio 8-23-23-PM 
8-20-23-PM (VIDEO) Honoring God 1 Sam. 3: 1-18 Audio 8-20-23-PM
8-20-23-AM (VIDEO) Family Turbulence (2 of 2) Luke 15: 11-24 Audio 8-20-23-AM
8-20-23 SS (VIDEO) Enoch: God's Plan for Creation Gen. 1 Audio 8-20-23 SS
8-16-23-PM (VIDEO) The Shepherd Of Your Personal Valley Psalm 23: 1-6 Audio 8-16-23-PM
8-13.23-PM (VIDEO) Honoring God 1 Samuel 2: 30 Audio 8-13-23-PM
8-13-23-AM (VIDEO) Family Turbulence Luke 15: 11-24 Audio 8-13-23-AM
8-9-23-PM (VIDEO) My Lord Leads The Way (2) Psalm 23:3 Audio 8-9-23-PM
8-6-23-PM (VIDEO) Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Isaiah 55: 6 Audio 8-6-23-PM
8-6-23-AM (VIDEO) Peace With God - Glen Stevenson Phil. 4: 4-7 Audio 8-6-23-AM

8-6-23-SS (VIDEO) Seek Ye The Lord Isaiah 55: 6 Audio 8-6-23-SS 

8-2-23 PM (VIDEO) My Lord Leads The Way Psalm 23: 3 Audio 8-2-23-PM.mp3

7-30-23-PM (VIDEO) Special Music Service - Special Message Audio 7-30-23-PM.mp3

7-30-23-AM (VIDEO) When God Says No 1 Chronicles 17: 1-20 Audio 7-30-23-PM

7-30-23-SS (VIDEO) Christ Like in Conflict Phil 1:28 Audio 7-30-23-SS.mp3

7-26-23-PM (VIDEO) Be Alert for the Weighty Fleece Psalm 23: 1-3 Audio 7-26-23-PM

7-23-23-PM (VIDEO) Preparing for Revival (3 of 3) James 1: 18-20 Audio 7-23-PM.mp3

7-23-23-AM (VIDEO) Don't Let The Scoffer Get You Down 2 Peter 3: 1-9 Audio 7-23-AM.mp3

7-23-AM SS (VIDEO) Concentration on Unity Phil. 1: 26-29 Audio 7-23-23-SS.mp3

7-19-23-PM (VIDEO) He Restoreth My Soul Psalm 23 Audio 7-19-23-PM

7-16-23-PM (VIDEO) Preparing for Revival (2 of 3) James 1: 19-20 Audio 7-16-23-PM.mp3

7-16-23-AM (VIDEO) Let's Take a Walk 2 Cor. 6: 16 Audio 7-16-23-AM.mp3

7-16-23 SS (VIDEO) Christ Like & Cooperation Audio 7-16-23 SS.mp3

7-12-23-PM (VIDEO) Still Waters For A Harried Life! Psalm 23: 1-6 Audio 7-12-23-PM

7-9-23-PM (VIDEO) The Believer's Relationship To God James 1 Audio 7-9-23-PM.mp3

7-9-23-AM (VIDEO) Fellowship 1 John 1 Audio 7-9-23-AM.mp3
7-9-23 SS Discussion On Revival Audio 7-9-23.mp3

7-2-23-AM (VIDEO) America Needs Healing  2 Chron. 14: 7; Psalm 33: 10-12  Audio 7-2-23-AM.mp3

7-2-23 SS (VIDEO) A Compelling Reflection Phil 1: 27  Audio 7-2-23.mp3

6-28-23-PM (VIDEO) Contemplative Rest Psalm 23: 2 Audio 6-28-23-PM

6-25-23 PM (VIDEO) Are You a Casual Believer or Are You a Christ-Like Believer - Cont. Acts 11:20-26 Audio 6-25-23-PM mp36-25-23-AM (VIDEO) Overcoming a World in Opposition to God 1 John 5:1-5 Audio 6-25-23-AM.mp3

6-25-23-AM SS (VIDEO) Increasing Godliness Phil. Audio 1 6-25-23.mp3

6-21-23-PM I Shall Not Want Psalm 23:1 Audio 6-21-23-PM.mp3

6-14-23-PM (VIDEO) The Lord Is My Shepherd! Psalm 23:1 Audio 6-14-23-PM.mp3
6-11-23-PM (VIDEO) Are You a Casual Believer or Are You a Christ Like Believer Acts 11:20-26 Audio-6-11-PM.mp3
6-11-23-AM (VIDEO) Overcoming Trials, Persecution and Suffering 1 Peter 4:12-16 Audio 6-11-23-AM.mp3
6-11-23 SS (VIDEO) - Apparent Expediency  Phil 1:15-18 Audio Sunday School 6-11-23.mp3
6-7-23-PM (VIDEO) How to Handle Stress, before it Handles You (1) Psalm 23:1-2 Audio 6-7-23 PM.mp3
6-4-23-AM SS - How Are Our Actions and Reactions to Adversity Making an Impact to Others Phil. 1 Audio SS 6-4-23.mp3

6-4-23-AM (VIDEO) SS/AM Service: Overcoming the Chaotic Culture of Our Day 2 Timothy 1:1-10 Audio 6-4-23-AM.mp3

6-4-23-PM (VIDEO) What a True Believer Ought to Be 1 Corinthians 15:58 Audio 6-4-23-PM.mp3

5-28-23-AM SS Approved Excellence - We Serve A Consistent God Phil. 1:6 Sunday School Audio 5-28-23.mp3

5-28-23-AM (VIDEO) Remembering What Is Important Romans 5: 6-8; II Timothy 1: 3-5; John 15:13 Audio 5-28-23-AM.mp3

5-28-23-PM (VIDEO) Are You An Encourager? Various Scriptures Audio 5-28-23-PM.mp3

5-24-23-PM (VIDEO) America's Cup of Iniquity Various Scriptures Audio 5-24-23-PM.mp3

5-21-23-AM Sunday School - The Rapture Of The Church 1 Thess. 1:13 Sunday School Audio 5-21-23-AM.mp3

5-21-23-AM (VIDEO) SS / AM Service: He Thought For An Opportunity Luke 22:1-6 Audio 5-21-23-AM.mp3

5-21-23-PM (VIDEO) Do You Know Where & When You Were Saved? Matt. 19:21;4:18-20, John 21:15,17 Audio 5-21-23-PM.mp3

5-17-23-PM (VIDEO) Dare To Be A Daniel Daniel 1: and Other Verses Audio 5-17-23-PM.mp3

5-14-23-AM Sunday School Study in Philippians Phil. 1 Audio 5-14-23-AM Sunday School.mp3

5-14-23-AM (VIDEO) SS / AM Service: A Mother's Prayers 1 Samuel 1:27 Audio 5-14-23-AM.mp3

5-10-23-PM (VIDEO) The Tongue Exodus 20 & Various Scriptures Audio 5-10-23-PM.mp3

5-7-23-AM Sunday School Study in Philippians Phil. 1 Audio 5-7-23 AM Sunday School-.mp3

5-7-23-AM (VIDEO) SS / AM Service: Victory Over Cumbered Christianity (2) Luke 10:38-42 Audio 5-7-23-AM.mp3

5-7-23-PM (VIDEO) West Coast Baptist Bible College TRIO Audio 5-7-23-PM.mp3

5-3-23-PM (VIDEO) Faith and Fasting Audio 5-3-23-PM.mp3

4-30-23-PM (VIDEO) Pastor Ryan Nez Pastor to the Navajo Nation Window Rock AZ Audio 4-30-23-PM.mp3

4-30-23-AM Sunday School Study in Philippians Phil. 1 Audio SS 4-30-23-AM.mp3

4-30-23-AM (VIDEO) SS / AM Service: Victory Over Cumbered Christianity Luke 10:38-42 Audio 4-30-23-AM.mp3

4-23-23-PM (VIDEO) How To Be Prepared for Satan's Landmines Romans 8:37 Audio 4-23-23-PM.mp3

4-23-23-AM (VIDEO) SS / AM Service: Victory Over Temptation Luke 4:1-13 Audio 4-23-23-AM.mp3

4-19-23-PM (VIDEO) Deacon Training Course (05a) Various Scriptures Audio 4-19-23-PM.mp3

4-16-23-PM (VIDEO) Landmines in the Life of the Man of God Proverbs 16:18 Audio 4-16-23-PM.mp3

4-16-23-AM (VIDEO) SS / AM Service: Victory Over Fear Luke 24:1-9 Audio 4-16-23-AM.mp3

4-12-23-PM (VIDEO) Deacon Training Course Various Scriptures Audio 4-12-23-PM.mp3

4-9-23-PM (VIDEO) Because Someone Prayed John 11:1-3; 17-19; 39-46 Audio 4-9-23-PM.mp3

4-9-23-AM (VIDEO) The World's Greatest Comeback Mark 16:1-6, Luke 24:1-8 4-9-23-AM SS and Sermon.mp3

4-5-23-PM (VIDEO) Deacon Training Course (2 of 2) Various Scriptures Audio 4-5-23-PM.mp3

4-2-23-PM (VIDEO) Praying For Your Pastor Part 3 of 3 Psalms 61:1-2; Acts 6:1-7 Audio 4-2-23-PM.mp3

4-2-23-AM (VIDEO) SS / AM Service: The Suffering and Sacrifice of Jesus John 19:1-7; 28-30 Audio 4-2-23-AM.mp3

3-29-23 PM (VIDEO) Deacon Training Course - Qualifications of Deacons Various Scriptures Audio 3-29-23-PM.mp3

3-26-23-PM (VIDEO) Praying For Your Pastor Part 2 of 3 Psalms 61:1-2; Acts 6:1-7 Audio 3-26-23-PM.mp3

3-26-23-AM (VIDEO) Christ The Great Defender John 8:1-11 Audio 3-26-23-AM.mp3

3-22-23 PM (VIDEO) Deacon Training Course Lesson 2 The Biblical Deacon Various Scriptures Audio 3-22-23-PM.mp3

3-19-23-PM (VIDEO) Praying For Your Pastor Psalms 61:1-2; Acts 6:1-7 Audio 3-19-23-PM.mp3

3-19-23-AM (VIDEO) God Wants to Encourage You Acts 18:1-11 Audio 3-19-23-AM.mp3

3-15-23 PM (VIDEO) Leadership Training Course Lesson 3 Deacon's Qualifications 1Tim. 3:1-7; 5:17; 1 Pet. 5:1 Audio 3-15-23-PM.mp3

3-8-23 PM (VIDEO) Leadership Training Course Lesson 3 Deacon's Qualifications 1Tim. 3:1-7; 5:17; 1 Pet. 5:1 Audio 3-8-23-PM.mp3

3-12-23-PM (VIDEO) The Burdens Of A Pastor 2 Cor. 11:16-33 Audio 3-12-23-PM.mp3

3-12-23-AM (VIDEO) Biblical Addictions Part 3 I Cor. 16:15-18; 1 Cor. 2; Acts 20 Audio -12-23-PM.mp3

3-8-23 PM (VIDEO) Leadership Training Course Lesson 2 Pastor"s Qualifications 1Tim. 3:1-7; 5:17; 1 Pet. 5:1 Audio 3-8-23-PM.mp3

3-5-23-PM (VIDEO) Run Christian Run 1 Cor. 9:24-27 Audio 3-5-23-PM.mp3

3-5-23-AM (VIDEO) Biblical Addictions Part 2 I Cor. 16:15-18; 1 Cor. 2; Acts 20 Audio 3-5-23-AM.mp3

3-1-23 PM (VIDEO) Leadership Training Course Lesson 1 The Biblical Pastor Eph. 4:11; 1Tim. 3:1-7; 5:17; 1 Pet. 5:1 Audio 3-1-23-PM.mp3

2-23-23-AM (VIDEO) Biblical Additions Cor. 16:15-18; Psalm 148,49,50 Audio 2-23-23-AM.mp3

2-22-23 PM (VIDEO) Missionary Josiah DaCunha 2 Tim. 1: 13-2:2 Audio 2-22-23-PM.mp3

2-19-23-PM (VIDEO) Am I Problem Or A Blessing? Part 2 - 3 John 9-14 Audio 2-19-23-PM.mp3

2-19-23-AM (VIDEO) Everyone Needs Three Homes Eph. 3: 14-21 Audio 2-19-23-AM.mp3

2-15-23 PM (VIDEO) Decisions Various Scriptures Audio 2-15-23-PM.mp3

2-12-23-PM (VIDEO) Am I a Problem Or A Blessing? 3 John 1-7 Audio 2-12-23-PM.mp3

2-12-23-AM (VIDEO) Love of Christ John 15:9-17 Audio 2-12-23-AM.mp3

2-8-23 PM (VIDEO) Standing In The Gap Ezek. 22:30 Audio 2-8-23-PM.mp3

2-1-23 PM (VIDEO) Something Slipped Hebrews 2:1 Audio 2-1-23-PM.mp3

1-29-23-PM (VIDEO) Who Have You Been Hanging Out With? Acts 4:13-24 Audio 1-29-23-PM.mp3

1-29-23-AM (VIDEO) Trials - Cont. 1 Thess. 3:1-10 Audio 1-29-23-AM.mp3

1-25-23 PM (VIDEO) Missionary Gary Craft - Grow In Grace and Knowledge 2 Peter 3:18 Audio 1-25-23-PM.mp3

1-23-23-PM (VIDEO) How To Resolve Conflict James 1:19-20 Audio 1-22-23-PM.mp3

1-23-23-AM (VIDEO) How To Hang On 1 Thess. 3:1-5 Audio 1-22-23-AM.mp3

1-18-23 PM (VIDEO) Help, I Have Misplaced My Love John 13:1 Audio 1-18-23-PM.mp3

1-15-23-PM (VIDEO) Wisdom Prov. 4: Entire Chapter Audio 1-15-23-PM.mp3

1-15-23-AM (VIDEO) Seize The Moment Luke 5:1-11 Audio 1-15-23-AM.mp3

1-11-23 PM (VIDEO) God Is Good Various Scriptures Audio 1-11-23-PM.mp3

1-8-23-PM (VIDEO) God and Our Needs Con't 2 Kings 6:1-7 Audio 1-8-23-PM.mp3

1-8-23-AM (VIDEO) God And Our Needs 2 Kings 6:1-7 Audio 1-8-23-AM.mp3

1-4-22 PM (VIDEO) How To Obtain Happiness Various Scriptures Audio 1-4-23-PM.mp3

1-1-23-AM (VIDEO) A Savior He Is Joshua 1:1-9; 3:1-4 Audio 1-1-23-AM.mp3